Family relationships from the global church down to the nuclear family are very important to the building and nurturing of The Kingdom. We know growing a family is a challenging yet joy filled journey, and we want to be here for you with every step. Below are a few resources that we think are a good foundation:

+ Read the book Spiritual Parenting

+ Check out all of our programs below as well as ways to serve and connect

+ Ask for prayer

+ Ask for help


Our first priority is to provide a safe place for the littlest people in our community while their parents are participating in the Sunday service. But here's a riveting question that guides what we do once kids are in our environments: What would happen if you found out about God so early in your life that you never lived a day without believing He really loves you? 

Our vision at Mercy Hill is to assist your child with these 3 things: 

+ Help kids and their families connect with God

+ Help kids find their place in His big story

+ Respond to Him through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We do this by engaging their five senses, using creative activities, Bible teaching, worship, and just plain fun!

Contact John Walt with questions or to get involved as a volunteer.


Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...


We love to dedicate kids at Mercy Hill. Most people chose to dedicate their child some time before their 1st birthday but if you have an older child and want to dedicate them that is great too! 

We believe that child dedication is a way for parents to stand up in front of their friends, family and church community and say "God I need you to empower me to raise this child. I want what You want for me and my family. God I want you to go before our child and protect them, bless them and draw them to You." 

If you are interested in dedicating your child at Mercy Hill contact John Walt.