We meet every Sunday beginning at 10:00 am at

15414 Minnetonka Industrial Road | Minnetonka, MN). 

Come early for coffee, doughnuts and to meet some new faces!

    what to expect

    We just moved into a new space at 15414 Minnetonka Industrial Road. For over 6 years we had been borrowing space from Hopkins High School but now we have a space of our own!

    Minnetonka Industrial Road is located off of Williston Road between Highway 7 and Minnetonka Boulevard. When you pull onto Williston a sandwich board sign with our logo will direct you where to turn and then a few more signs will direct you to the very back of the industrial park where our space is located. Find a parking space near the door that has our logo above it and come on in. Someone will open the door for you and say hi. They’ll let you know where you can drop off your kids (if you’ve got them), where you can grab a cup of coffee and direct you to the auditorium where our service takes place. 

    When you come in for our service, we’ll play some good music, let you know about what’s going on in our community, talk about what the Bible has to say about real life, play some more good music and then say good-bye and let you know we hope to see you again. If you’ve got more questions, check out the rest of our website or give one of our staff a phone call or email, and we will answer them for you.