• Drew Johnson - LEAD pastor

    Drew is the lead pastor at Mercy Hill. He is the primary teacher on Sunday mornings and he leads the conversations among staff and volunteers that shape the direction of our community. Drew majored in Art History and Religious Studies at the University of Minnesota, graduated from Bethel Seminary with a Masters of Divinity Degree, and recently completed a Doctor of Ministry in Contextual Theology at Northern Seminary.  He is married to Lauren. They live in Wayzata with their kids Eleanor and Eli. His favorite thing about Mercy Hill is that it is a community where he can be himself, become more like Jesus and live with people instead of just around them.


  • megan thorp - Pastor and Director of community life

    Megan is a pastor and director of community life at Mercy Hill - which means she has her hand in a little bit of everything. Her family includes her husband Chad and kids, Caleb, Reed, and Quinn. She has her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and loves when she is able to use it by connecting with people in the community and learning their story. One of Megan's favorite things about Mercy Hill is the openness and vulnerability of the people who attend. There is no faking we have it all together here - we realize our need for a Savior and are not afraid to show it. 


  • John Walt - pastor and Director of early childhood

    John leads Children and Family ministry at Mercy Hill. He and his wife Katie live in Golden Valley with their kids, Zamira, Isaiah and Dorian, and their two cats. John has been a part of leading Children's ministry in our church network for a number of years and had the pleasure of helping start children's ministry at Mercy Hill. He loves that children are important and highly valued at Mercy Hill and that the church is a spiritual family to all who come. Just as parents love their children no matter what, John is deeply thankful for God's love for him, and the rest of the church, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.  


  • Emily Sullivan - Elementary director

    Emily leads the Elementary ministry at Mercy Hill. She lives in St. Paul, very close to the fairgrounds of The Great Minnesota Get-Together! Emily is the oldest of nine children, and absolutely loves working with kids of all ages. She started serving as the Elementary Director at Mercy Hill in February 2017. Her hope is to use her theater background as a creative tool for shaping a space for children to better know Jesus as a Friend and Savior. She loves seeing how this church's young people have a passion for discovering more about God!


  • caleb ellingson - Student ministry director

    Caleb heads up the student ministries at Mercy Hill. He is a playful/optimistic 20 something living with his friends in a house around the Minneapolis area. Caleb greatly enjoys being passionate and chasing after Jesus in lifestyle and belief. He is also really into coffee, philosophy, absurd shock-value humor that he laughs too loudly at, craft beer, and learning and asking about differing perspectives in the world.


  • Robin kragness - community outreach director

    Robin started working at Mercy Hill in the spring of 2019. She focuses on connecting our community to local non-profit partners. 


  • Justie Vavra - Prayer Director

    Justie started working at Mercy Hill in the spring of 2019. She leads our team that prays for people during our Sunday gatherings and throughout the week.