STUDENTS (6th-12th grade)

Middle School (6th-8th Grade)


Wednesdays   //  6:30-8:00p   //  Faith Church in Minnetonka

We hope to grow an extended family that has fun, belongs together, and learns Jesus. Want to learn more? Maybe get added to the email list? Talk to Student Ministry Director Trev Erickson.

Hopkins Wyldlife

For more fun and ways to get involved check out the Hopkins Wyldlife page.

high school (9th - 12th grade)

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible)

Monday  //  7:30-9:00pm  //  Depot Coffee House in Hopkins

Continuing our partnership with Faith Church, high school students are invited to a relaxed hangout time at the Depot in Hopkins where they'll hang out, play games, and have honest and meaningful conversations around the Bible and what it means to know and follow Jesus. Want to know more? Connect with Trev Erickson for more information.


Family relationships from the global church down to the nuclear family are very important to the building and nurturing of The Kingdom. We know growing a family is a challenging yet joy filled journey, and we want to be here for you with every step. Below are a few resources that we think are a good foundation:

+ Read Homefront Magazine which can be ordered here

+ Read the book Spiritual Parenting

+ Ask for prayer

+ Ask for help