We believe that prayer is powerful.

We believe that prayer is an incredible invitation to speak to and hear from our creator and or savior.

We believe that praying is a muscle that can grow or atrophy. 

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Welcome to Mercy HIll's prayer wall. Please join our community in praying for the prayers on this wall and join in by sharing one of your own prayer requests too. They can be submitted for the whole community to read, for just the staff to read, or anonymously. 


Please pray for our family. We may have been exposed to Covid. I have a number of auto-immune disease and really can't get sick.


Please pray for me that I may get my doctor internship job, which I lost due to illness, returned back to me as soon as possible, especially in these times of coronavirus disease. Thank you very much for praying for me.


1) Wisdom and discernment for Beck and I as we plan out our ceremony and reception plans in the fall.2) Also, patience and peace as we merge our lives during covid. 3) Finally, I would love prayer for how to be a leader of teenagers during a crisis that mostly doesn't affect them physiologically as much as it does psychologically and spiritually.


Please pray for patience as we continue distance learning. For fun and laughter to abound in our home and to be emotionally present with my kids - not just near them.


Please pray for restoration and unity in my marriage.


You are welcome to share your prayers with the community here, write an anonymous prayer, or share a prayer with our church staff only. We are a community that cares about each other so we are a community that prays with and for each other.  

If you want to be prayed for by name but don’t want to share your phone or email select the "Hide My Name, Email, and Phone" option and simply start your anonymous prayer request with something like “This is Drew” or “This is Drew Johnson.” We are working with our website builder to improve this feature but this is an option for now.

Every prayer request gets approved by someone on our church staff before it goes up on the prayer wall. If you have questions about why we might not post a request or have other questions about the prayer wall CHECK OUT OUR FAQ PAGE HERE.