During this time that we are social distancing and stuck at home we are wanting to continue to strive after relationship with each other. We are offering 4 different groups that will meet virtually throughout the week. 

Groups will begin the week of April 5th.

See below to see what groups are being offered. SIGN UP HERE.  

Outrageous Justice- Lead by Aaron Merrit

Sunday's @ 8pm

6 weeks

God calls His people to seek justice & to remember the prisoner (Hebrews 13:3). But given the complexities of our criminal justice system, how can the followers of Jesus have a clear understanding of criminal justice issues and take action to promote peace and restoration?

Prison Fellowship has released a 6 week, small-group curriculum, designed to awaken Christians to the need for justice that restores. Small groups will learn about the challenges in the American criminal justice system and explore how Christians can respond in hands-on ways to pursue justice and bring about true hope, restoration, and healing.

Fellowship & Support through Acts - Lead by Jade Hardacker

Tuesday's @ 6:00pm

6 weeks

We'll be focusing on digital social support and fellowship during this time of social distancing and quarantine. We will informally read through passages of Acts, but no study guide or homework will be required. Most of our time will be spent encouraging each other and sharing our burdens together as a group.

Out of the Depths (Psalm Study) - Lead by Bob Oehrig

Thursday's @ 6:30pm

6 Weeks

Out of the Depths will be a group Bible study providing an overview of the book of Psalms using a selection of individual Psalm types including (1) Psalms of Disorientation (Corporate and Personal Lament Psalms); (2) Psalms of Reorientation (Thanksgiving Psalms), and; (3) Psalms of Orientation (Confidence and Praise Praise).  

The Bible Project -Lead by Robin Kragness

Friday's @ 11am

6 Weeks

Helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. Animated videos and discussion that explore books and themes of the Bible.  

Once you've signed up be on the lookout for an email from your group leader. 

Any questions please contact Megan (megan@mercy-hill.com)

CLICK HERE to sign up