We have four kinds of adult groups: Circles, Study Groups, Serve Groups, and Interest Groups. Scroll through this page to learn more about them, get connected to one, or begin the process of starting a new one.


Our circles come in all different sizes but one shape. Every circle reads the Bible together, prays together, and talks about the challenges and opportunities of being a person intentionally following Jesus. 

Some of the circles are big and some are small. Some meet in homes, others at our building. Some eat meals together. Some sing together. Some are co-ed and some are not. Some provide childcare and others don't. You get the idea. 

A new opportunity to join or start a circle is coming in mid-March. Check back for details and registration.

If you are interested in hosting or leading a circle contact 


These sorts of groups are an opportunity to gather together and learn something. Most of these sorts of groups have a facilitator who guides us through a video based curriculum. Previous study groups have focused on communication, faith and work, marriage, parenting, prayer, and particular books of the Bible.

Our current round of study groups have already started. Our next round will start in mid-March.

What to learn more? Have an idea for a new study group? Interested in being a facilitator? 



We want our commitment to relationship with God and others to extend into the way we serve and reach into our communities. So, our goal at Mercy Hill is to create teams that know, love, and serve alongside great non-profit partners in our area. 

If one of these teams sparks your interest reach out to the coordinator and explore what it would look like to get involved.

If you've got a great idea for a group or you'd be willing to lead a group that has a great idea reach out to


This serve group meets regularly to support a family seeking asylum that lives in the west metro.

Coordinator: Becky Hunter


These groups are regular gatherings of people who are interested in the same thing and want to do it together. Some of these groups are about doing something together and talking about what it means to follow Jesus. Some of these groups are about doing something together and pointing people to Jesus. 

(At least that's what we're hoping). 

This is our newest kind of group. And while we have people dreaming and even planning about starting one of these kinds of groups we don't have any started just yet. If you are interested in what is being planned or you are dreaming about starting your own group get in touch with