eat with us

We love to eat together. Sharing a meal together is one of the core values we hold as a community. Whether its on a Sunday after our service - or on a Friday night, check out the upcoming dates and join us for some delicious food and even better time spent in community. 


upcoming Lunch & Dinner Dates

  • Connection dinners

    Are you new or "newer" to Mercy Hill? We'd love to have you join us at our Connection Dinner. This is a great chance to meet with staff, other new comers and find out about the vision, history, practices, and theology of Mercy Hill.
    Childcare will be provided

  •                    Friday Night Dinners

    Its basically like a party for our whole church every couple months! 

    It’s kind of like a community lunch and sort of like a connection dinner but different too. Mark your calendar, fill out the form and let us know you are coming, and get ready for a great time meeting new friends and re-connecting with old ones.

    Our Friday Night Dinners have always been on of the clearest expressions of who we are as a community.

  • Community Lunches

    Join us after our service on the following Sundays for lunch! We encourage everyone to bring in a bag or 2 of food for our local ICA food shelf on these sundays. 

    January 19th

    March 15th

    May 17th

    July 26th